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It is a great idea to have a professional photographer capture the essence of your corporate or family celebrations. Everyone loves to have their picture taken when they are dressed up in formal wear or after five outfits. After the event, why not have the images published in an album and provided as a gift to your intimate guests?

Corporate Event Photography is used by companies, both large and small to promote their corporate brand and set the visual tone for their company identity. The most common types of images used for corporate photography are professional portraiture and headshots of company staff, office/environmental photos, corporate event photography, and images of products or services offered. They are used on websites, for brochures, stationery, advertising/marketing materials, annual reports, social media, etc. These images speak volumes to clients or investors about the staff and the culture of that company. Great corporate photos showcase the quality of services or products offered, and when executed properly help to promote the standards to which they adhere to in their day-to-day business operations.

An experienced corporate photographer approaches a corporate photoshoot with great precision and execution. With a detailed agenda and a schedule prepared ahead of time, they can execute at the highest level on the day of the shoot. Taking employees and resources away from work is costly for companies, so it is important that the corporate photographer be respectful of the set timetables – often time company executives and employees have very brief windows for their shoot and the corporate photographer should ensure that they stay on schedule.

When taking corporate portraiture it is important to understand the clients’ aesthetic style, culture, and photo requirements. Will the images be used on a website? How will they be displayed on the website? Does everyone need to face a specific direction? Do all the images need to be uniform in terms of height or crop, tone (serious or playful)? Serious consideration must be made prior to the shoot and these details should already be known by the corporate photographer.

C. T. McGhee Photography services include business portraits, executive portraits, headshots, contract signing, educational conferences, golf tournament photography, aerial drone photography, aerial photography, school photography, team sports photography, sports tournament photography, and fashion show photography. We provide services for corporate event photography including conference photography, convention photography, editorial, business grand opening photography, charity fund-raising photography, golf tournament photography, corporate holiday party photography, corporate party photography, and contract/partnership signing photography.

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