F.A.Q. Katy-Fulshear-Richmond, Texas Portrait Photography

What Should I Wear

Most people usually ask me “what colors look great in photos?” Consider natural colors that compliment your skin tones, eyes, and hair color. That could mean natural greens or browns or blues. If you like purple, that’s alright, too, or any of the colors below, while you try to avoid the extremes of solid black or solid white.

You’ll also want to consider solids over patterns, and avoid busy looks. Long-sleeves rather than short and V-neck is better than crew, Texture is great, like a woven sweater or a hounds-tooth jacket. And props that mean something to you are welcome, like favorite hat or a golf club, etc..

While keeping it simple, coordinate your jewelry choices to compliment your clothing.

Consider an undergarment like a camisole or V-neck t-shirt to make for faster outfit changes, and help ensure you keep the outer garments fresh and wrinkle free. We do not remove wrinkles from clothing during enhancements!

Let’s talk more about your choices during our consultation if you have any questions. Above all, wear what YOU like, and what makes YOU feel good!

Do you Photograph Families or Seniors?
  • Of course! My specialization is in photographing women and the people they love. 
  • Family Photography: IdeallyI photograph a glamour session with mom first, then bring the rest of the family for the last 30 minutes. Kids can be distracted/ing for a two-hour photoshoot and 30 minutes seems to be the sweet spot whether in the studio or on location. Let’s start with some time to pamper mom. I’ll create beautiful artwork of you and then we can bring the family in for some family photos.
  • Senior Photography: Sure! I love shooting senior sessions! I can shoot in studio, on location, or both! We’ll highlight their passions and dreams and have fun! This is a great opportunity to showcase their love of sports, dance, theatre, reading, chess you name it!
Where Are You Located?
  • I am located near Sugar Land and Richmond, Texas. All my photographs are taken on location.
  • I either travel to you or shoot at a selected location optimized for the look you want.
  • Styling, hair, and makeup consultants can happen at your home or another location. We plan your session based upon the unique look you desire.
  • Once products are complete, I personally deliver them to you or have them shipped directly to your home.
How do I book a photoshoot?

The Basic Portrait session is 3 hours.  This is the time allotted for capturing images, changing clothes, changing lighting, etc.  Clients should come with hair and makeup prepared. 

Portrait Session Fees are collected at the time of booking and include the following:

  • In-person or teleconference consultation with Cornell
  • Cornell’s creative time to photograph you or your family
  • A professional edit of your portrait session
  • A viewing/selection appointment with Cornell to choose portraits and albums for your home
  • Your full order will be placed at your viewing/selection appointment; all decision-makers must be present
  • The specified amount of product credit, which may be used toward purchase during your selection appointment
  • Custom design of portrait and gallery options for your walls
  • Permanent archival of your purchased images both on and off-site


What is your cancellation policy?
  • C. T. McGhee Photography has a strict policy with regards to NCNS (No-Call/No-Shows) any NCNS is a forfeiture of your deposit. Rescheduling more than once or cancellation less than 24 hrs. before your session will also cost another deposit.

  • After a 20-minute grace period, you will be charged a late fee equivalent of 25% of your rate. After 30 minutes your session will be cancelled/can be rescheduled.

  • “Why, you might ask? Because once your appointment is confirmed on our calendar, we do not accept any other business during that time-frame. If we have hired or scheduled other services, we are required to pay our them for the time they block off as well.

Can I Have Digitial Files of My Photos?

Cornell T. McGhee Photography specializes in finished fine artwork in the form of wall pieces and albums.  Digital files are included free for those clients who spend at least $5,000.

Do you keep the files? What if we cannot purchase at our ordering session?
  • I would love to say that I keep every last file, from every client but, that is not practical.
  • I love seeing printed artwork, holding it in my hands, and installing it on your walls. 
  • Six months following your ordering session, un-purchased images are deleted from our archives. 
  • Images purchased during the ordering session are archived for life.
Are Prices Negotiable?
  • No, the pricing we offer is a fair price for a quality product.  Like any other business, we have operational expenses such as business and liability insurance, professional equipment purchase and maintenance, professional development, and training.
  • I  have experience with the nuances of different cultures and know the kind of effort it will take to do the job in a professional yet sensitive manner.
  • I am not the cheapest or most affordable photographer in the greater Houston area. However, there is value in the products I provide to my clients.
Can I bring a Friend?
  • Absolutely!
  • There is never an issue with bringing someone with you to my photoshoots.
  • During this COVID situation, we will limit escorts to one person per session.
  • Your travel buddy can help you with outfits, styling, and adjusting stray hairs. I also use them to help me with equipment and taking behind the scenes video or photos.
  • If the client is underage, a parent or guardian mustaccompany them and remain on-site for the duration of the photoshoot.
Do I Need Hair & Makeup?
  • Why not? It is 100% up to you, but this is something I always recommend.
  • The bottom line is I want you to feel comfortable.
  • Why not go full Vogue! I work with a group of talented hairstylists, makeup artists, and stylists who can ensure your images capture your full potential!
  • We can discuss all the options during the consultation.
What If I Live Far Away?
  • Not a problem! I can conduct a Zoom or Facetime consultation and discuss your ideas with you.
  • I can travel to your location and select the perfect spots based on your desires.
  • Mileage and travel expenses are determined on a case by case basis.
  • Destination or International travel is also possible. Mileage and travel expenses are discussed on a case by case basis.
Types of Photoshoots
  • Headshots: This is a simple type of photography that works great for professionals. The goal of a headshot is to capture your appearance in a way that makes you look both approachable and professional.  
  • Portrait Photography: The purpose of portrait photography is to capture the personality of the subject within the camera frame. This is accomplished with lighting, wardrobe, backdrops, and guided poses.
  • Portfolio Photography: For performers, portfolio photography is a crucial need for their careers. A good portrait and portfolio ensure that the subject has what they need for future employment.
  • Lifestyle Photography: Lifestyle photography focuses on hobbies or activities that you want to showcase in your photo session. These hobbies are then stylized for your photo session. 
  • Outdoor Photography: As the name suggests, outdoor photography is any photography session completed at least partially outdoors. 
  • Product Photography: Do you sell hair products, wine, shoes, purses, or jewelry?  If so you need high-resolution photographs for your brochures or website.