Fashion Shows

Photographers get to look at fashion shows in two ways: through the backstage story and what actually happens on the runway. This is the biggest reason why fashion photography is one of the most interesting assignments for photographers. As a Fashion Week photographer, your main job is to show off the designer’s clothes. For runway shows, there are standard shots that you need to capture. Keep in mind, though, that it’s sometimes good to break the rules and create images that are different than everyone else’s. Sometimes the models will really play to the photographers—which always makes the show much more fun and results in more interesting pictures. Fashion show photography is, in a way, fashion. It should be stylish, imaginative, and unique. Just like the dress, your photos should convey true expressions that speak a thousand meanings.
C. T. McGhee Photography provides event photographic services for fashion shows, designer shows, agency testing, and portfolio development.
MODEL: The term the industry uses to describe a range of entertainment media production activities such as Feature films, television, television commercials, stills photography, music videos, corporate and in-house media, and even video gaming. Most professional models are expected to work across all the disciplines of the industry: commercials still shoots, fashion shows, etc., as well as promotional engagements.

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