A glamorous photo focuses on the beauty of the person in the photo. While it’s a genre, its focus on beauty can inspire work in other genres as well, such as portrait photography or modeling. Glamorous photography can be misunderstood. As a genre that can also be associated with the concept of “sex drive,” this is sometimes a concern for photographers. And in some cases, this is taken to an extreme, which no longer qualifies as Glamour.

Although photographers do not agree on the definition of glamour photography, generally glamour photography focuses on an induvial beauty and charm. Unlike fashion photography, which combines clothing, posing, and lighting to compose an image, glamour or beauty photography concentrates on the individual.

Glamour photography focuses on physical beauty. Photographers piece together several different aspects to highlight this ethereal, dreamlike beauty. From wardrobe and makeup to lighting and post-processing. All the different elements work together to celebrate and highlight the beauty of an item.

For many, glamorous photography is the confidence of women. Its purpose is to make all women feel beautiful. For photographers working with this definition, a glamorous photo is a portrait session that maximizes the beauty of the subject. This is a portrait session that involves the makeup artist, wardrobe choices, and polished poses.

Others define glamorous photography as something more sensual. These glamorous shots highlight the attractiveness. But photographers can do this through posing and lighting, not necessarily just at the expense of the wardrobe.