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What is pageant photography?

Pageant photography includes everything from the glamour shots used for pageant applications to event photography at the competition. More than just taking photos, pageant photographers play an important role in the world of pageantry. No matter what level of the pageant, contestants need images to strengthen their social media presence and populate pageant programs and websites. In the pageant industry, this special type of portrait photographer wears many hats, including stylist, makeup artist, coach, and cheerleader. Whether it’s a competition in small-town Maryland or the international stage for Miss Universe, pageants abound for contestants of all ages and genders. Popular pageants include Miss America, National American Miss, Miss USA, Teen USA, International Junior Miss (IJM), America’s Little Miss, Miss International Queen, Ms. America, Ms. Senior America, Universal Royalty, the All American Girl and Boy Pageant, Mister World, Mister International, and many more.

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